Opening Day at Madeline's Tea at the Carlyle -- notes

We celebrated many birthdays at Madeline's Tea's Opening Day at Bemelman's at the Carlyle. Kiley will be six on November 14 and she sang a rousing "Let It Go!" Tita, a fine sexy grandma had a Bday party with 4 of her 6 grown children and 8 of her many grandchildren: Tita celebrated her hmhmtth birthday singing "Getting to Know You" from the "King and I," arms around her daughters, swaying and raising the 14-karat-gold roof! It was all so memorable and moving, I wish I had video. But my hands were busy, playing the piano.

And as we were just beginning today's Opening Tea: a grandmother arrives with her daughter and granddaughter in tow. They are all delighted to be there. And the Grandmother tells me, proudly that she just had a full knee replacement ten days ago. Let me say that again: a full knee replacement ten days ago. She told me that when the doctors asked her what her goal was, she said: "To go to Madeline's Tea with my granddaughter on November 2nd." And she did it! We made up a special verse of "New York, New York" just for her!

Songs we sang today:

Let It Go; The Way You Look Tonight; You Are My Sunshine; Willabye Wallabye; Tomorrow; Royals; Spoonful of Sugar; Twinkle Twinkle; ABC; Row Row Row Your Boat -- long version with several bodies of water included; Getting to Know You; Supercali; Let's Go Fly a Kite; Going to Kentucky; What Are You Wearing?; Ghostbusters; Monster Mash; Under the Sea; Mister Sun; My Favorite Things...Let It Go Reprise; Happy Birthday; Merry Widow Waltz with Happy Birthday We Love You Lyrics...Did I leave anything out?