Kicking Into Gear at The Sidewalk!

Join me this Friday, October 10, at the Sidewalk Café on the Lower East Side.  On the northeast corner of Avenue A and Sixth Street, Sidewalk has a lovely, warm listening room in the back, which has been a singer-songwriter haven for many years.  I have been joining the folks and "anti-folks" on their open mics on Mondays, and have heard some beautiful and hilarious songs, monologues and poetry.  I'll sing songs from Tuckerman's Ravine, plus a brand new surprise song.  Rehearsals with Nick, Charles and Nanny have been rockin'.   (The schedule this Friday: singer-songwriter Lindsay Cohen starts the night at 7 p.m., I go on at 8, and PDA aka Public Displays of Awkwardness Comedy Block goes on at 9!)

On a culinary note:  Sidewalk has excellent burgers.  And drinks.  So come hungry, thirsty, and ready to laugh.

After Sidewalk, I'll be at Tunes with Tina every Sunday at the Langham, Place, where we have an amazing lineup of guest stars and events.  And I start Tea with Madeline at the Carlyle on November 2!  But for right now, and for the songs just for grownups, please come to Sidewalk this Friday!